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Ecoc 2028, Reims is now officially a candidate

By Press release June 25, 2021
Ecoc 2028, Reims is now officially a candidate Photo by dezalba/Pixabay

France, the Czech Republic and Macedonia are the countries that in 2028 will indicate the European capital of culture. Here are the first candidate cities: Czech Republic: Chomutov, Brno, Liberec, Broumov, Kutná Hora. France:  Amiens, Reims, Rouen, Bourges, Clermont-Ferrand, Banlieue. Macedonia: Skopje. Reims is now officially a candidate for the 2028 European Capital of Culture.

Roman Reims, capital of Gallia Belgica and then a medieval capital, was the stage for the act that founded the future nation of France: the baptism of Clovis. This event marked the renaissance of western Christian civilisation and forged a close link between the Catholic Church and the French monarchy.

Reims, the martyred city, rose from its ashes after the First World War to become, during the reconstruction of the 1920s, a European capital for art deco and a prime example of the stylistic abundance in the inter-war period.

Reims is known throughout Europe and around the world thanks to its exceptional wine, champagne, from its production process to commercialisation, including manufacturing of glassware.

The city of Reims is in constant dialogue with its neighbouring cities in Europe. With its European twins of Aix-la-Chapelle, Salzburg, Canterbury, Kutna Hora and Florence, Reims is cultivating a way of life that combines traditions and journeys that focus on cinema, literature, contemporary art and culinary arts. The twin cities will be linked to their bid, in a project that is staunchly European.

Today, 14% of the municipal budget is dedicated to culture, equalling an investment of €170 per inhabitant and per year, on average.

With this bid, Reims wants to create enthusiastic and shared momentum for a city project. Beyond being a cultural project, Reims’ bid to be 2028 European Capital of Culture is, and will be, regardless of the European Commission’s decision, a lasting, unifying project that will feed into all public policies and strengthen existing links between stakeholders in the region (cultural, non-profit and educational organisations, residents, companies, neighbouring cities and municipalities etc.).

Above all else, with this bid to be 2028 European Capital of Culture, the region strives to: • Build bridges between residents and cultural, economic and social stakeholders in the region; • Strengthen solidarity and human relationships in the city; • Transform residents’ views on their city and their region: the people of Reims are the best ambassadors for the bid; • Draft the ideniy and future of the city together: the city’s case for candidature will tell a shared regional story and will highlight ambitions of residents for their city. These clearly formulated projects will be more easily and quickly attainable thanks to this European certification and the economy, tourism and media will benefit from this type of event; • Boost its appeal, as well as its national and international standing for French and foreign investors, companies, future inhabitants, etc.; • Contribute to writing a new European story through our example, our project and those living in the region.

"Becoming a European Capital of Culture means, of course, committing to a cultural plan, but more than that, it also means supporting an ambitious city that is the cornerstone of our vision for the Reims of the future”, says Arnaud Robinet, Mayor of Reims. And he adds: "Above all this will be an inclusive project with which everyone can identify. We want to put forward a bid that is simultaneously ambitious, human and unifying, involving our residents, associations, organisations, young people and economic stakeholders in an event that will benefit our entire region.

I have always wanted to bring together our citizens, to forge links and I believe that this bid is an additional opportunity to build this cohesion. I see this bid as a collective work, like a construction game in which everyone can contribute their own brick. The game has rules, but still has scope for creativity, inventiveness and to make part of it really yours.

The essence of our project is in creating links, building bridges between women and men, highlighting the arts and giving wings to creativity. Our heritage, the mobilisation of existing methods and the alliance of local stakeholders make up the team that will guide us to 2028: the gateway to the future.

Culture is a celebration! Culture invites us to explore Europe and the world! Dream, create, play, experience! Because yes, we know the importance of culture, more than ever when we have been lacking it. Let’s make it a celebration, a game and a state of mind. Let’s shine together and let ourcreativity loose".

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