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To mark the formal end of the Esch2022 European Capital of Culture project, various official final reports and an illustrative publication for the general public have now been published and handed over to the European Commission Just over a year ago, Esch2022, together with Kaunas2022 and NoviSad2022, have passed on the title of European Capital of Culture in Athens to their successors; for the first time in this form in the history of the "ECoCs".

A total of 512,000 visitors, mainly from Luxembourg (60%) and France (27%), attended the 1,351 events and the corresponding 3,145 cultural activities that took place as part of the European Capital of Culture project in the years leading up to and during the title year itself, as well as in its closing phase at the beginning of 2023.

The title of European Capital of Culture is more than just the headline of a cultural year. It is a large-scale project that is intended to have a long-term effect, bringing about lasting change for a region and its inhabitants.

The title year of the European Capital of Culture has come to an end. The Esch2022 project is now to be carried on by the municipalities of the PRO-SUD syndicate and the French municipalities of the CCPHVA (Communauté de Communes Pays Haut Val d’Alzette).

The European Capital of Culture region, Esch2022, including southern Luxembourg and neighbouring France, celebrated the end of the title year. 2000 visitors celebrated the closing evening of Esch2022 - REWIND-PLAY-FORWARD on 22.12.22, with more than 100 artists. In the first part, twelve roundtable discussions, accompanied by images, videos and performances, provided an opportunity to look back on the year and discuss the legacy of the cultural capital project.

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