Mercoledì, 29 Novembre 2023

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Leeds 2023, The Gifting will end the year

The Gifting, Leeds 2023 The Gifting, Leeds 2023 Photo by Jma Photography

The end of 2024 is only a few months away. The same months until the end of the Leeds Capital of Culture year. For us at EcocNews, a true European Capital of Culture, independent of Brexit.

And so everything is ready for the big event of the closing ceremony of the capital of culture year.We are sure it will be an unforgettable event. And it will also be an extraordinary way to welcome in the New Year.

From the imaginations of Kully Thiarai and Alan Lane, the co-directors of The Awakening, The Gifting is the final chapter of Leeds’ Year of Culture. Over the course of an hour, you will be taken on a magical journey by host Khorin Khorin Gurav through twelve individual but connected tales that celebrate stories and the power they can have. 

A storytelling ceremony, they will piece together new myths and old rituals that culminate in a farewell to the old year, and a joyful welcoming of the new. 

With new music from Rash Dash and stunning theatrical design by artist Keith Khan, this live performance combines stage illusion song and story to create a majestic final moment in their Year of Culture.

What to expect 
A unique event with beauty, song and stories at its heart. Something special and unforgettable to end the year. Gather outside Leeds’ very own movie studios - Versa Studios in Holbeck, put on headphones and enter the large, cavernous space to experience twelve individual stories inspired by the Year of Culture told through performance, dance, song and illusion. You’ll be guided on this journey by Khorin Khorin Gurav; an experience which will live long in the memory.   

Northern Dreaming  
The Gifting is, in part, inspired by Northern Dreaming. Northern Dreaming is a free book published by LEEDS 2023 and the British Library that will be gifted to every child in Leeds born in 2023. The book is a collection of poetry and stories by 18 early career and published writers. It will be available to collect, for free, from various locations in Leeds from Thursday 19 October 2023 including from all Leeds libraries.  

 If you’re the parent or carer of a newborn please check the Northern Dreaming webpage from Thursday 19 October 2023 for full details on how to collect your copy of the book.

Ticket and other info here.