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In Malta, while some cities are starting to warm up their motors for the next European Capital of Culture in 2031, La Valletta, European Capital of Culture in 2018 continues to organise many cultural events.

The Valletta Cultural Agency has launched its Programme for 2023 – a reimagined series of high-quality events including an exciting new production of the Opera Tosca, City of Colour: A programme of artistic installations in South Street, exhibitions, concerts as well as film screenings and other spectacular theatre productions.

The Valletta Cultural Agency’s programme of events takes place between the 25th of November and the 31st of December with over 25 events spread over 25 days.

Many events for this month of October in Valletta, the European capital of culture for 2018. Among the main events EcocNews points out Altofest.

Blitz, the contemporary art space in Valletta, is inviting applications for Open Digital Residency. This is a three-month residency for selected artists from various art genres, which will include a research period and the exhibition on the digital platform "Open". The jury will be made up of four experts, including Ms Alexadra Pace, founder of BLITZ and the photographer who had a shooting in Aomori Prefecture for a photography project “the European Eyes on Japan/Japan Today” vol. 20. The deadline for this digital residency is 30 November. With Contributor of Eu Japan fest.

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